Wedding Photography Tips

The photography on your wedding day is your lasting reminder of that special day.

It is an investment in your life together. And if you have children (and eventually grandchildren...) they will be a treasure for them too.

Because this is a once in a lifetime event, it is obviously really important to get it right!

Spend some time and learn about what you can expect from your wedding photographer and the pictures you will get.

Research wedding photography tips so you can also make suggestions about the results you want.

Think about your style and the style of your special day.

What is the location of the ceremony and reception?
What interesting, beautiful scenery is nearby that you could easily go to?

I found this great website that is specifically about getting it right on your big day, and it is well worth a look... The Brides Guide to Wedding memories.

Delia Farrell Photography : Delia is an upcoming young talent who does beautiful lifestyle work. Based in the Rotorua area of the North Island of New Zealand.


If you are getting married in the Cambridge area, here are some local links.

Jayne Mau

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